Well flammable intern: the true story of how i burned out

This message is an excerpt from Hamza Khan's forthcoming book

I work in marketing-the industry is predicting on perception-where day and day I think about the importance of branding

In order for the brand to work effectively, it must match the gap between how it sees itself, how others see it and how it wants to see it. During my entire career, I have a reputation that is extremely focused and productive. "If you want to do something, give him Hamza," there was a sense of the same thing on my old jobs

It became my business. The nicknames that I had received for many years would make my chains of pennies: a cyborg, a robot, a car, etc. But in order to preserve my industrial brand, I should have erased from my accounts of the events of 10 November 2008

Oprah Winfrey once said that "Luck is the preparation for the meeting." Inspired by the blockbuster movies and the big budget videos, I spent my teenage years learning photography, video, graphic design, web design and an array of creative multimedia skills

I was interested in music marketing, and soon bought music videos that created music videos for the new rappers

I made them, making short films and video clips, while at the same time finding ways to advance my work through a vibrant social network. During this time, I showed a keen interest in music marketing, and soon bought music videos that create music videos for amateurs, cutting small commercial and non-commercial advertising spots

As an English student at the University of Toronto, I felt unsecure from my career prospects and listed in the "Bridge to Business" program at the prestigious Rotman School. Our final destination requires that we create a marketing plan for Sony Music Artist, Zaki Ebrahim

I didn' t know I was making this opportunity all my life. In the form of a wide-eyed child who has captured Steven Spielberg's film, and then as a teenager inspired by the music videos of Hype Williams, for a young adult managed by successful mults like Diddy, I have brought years of accumulated passion, insight and experience with this project

Growing up in a middle-class Muslim home who is the son of Indian immigrant parents, only to strengthen my impostor syndrome

I made a cohort of crooked smart and highly educated peers to win the case, and I got a rare internship with the Sony Music's Partnerships. Growing up in a middle-class Muslim home who is the son of Indian immigrant parents, only to strengthen my impostor syndrome

For a number of reasons, there seems to be a case presented to someone with my identity. But I was, I won

I got my chance. I don't want it to be a waste. I was prepared to do this every last time. In my boss, please, I'm always above the duty station

I gradually moved my personal boundaries to a few months when I worked three nights in a row until November 10, 2008. All who juggle full working hours, part-time work, freelance and web design, as well as voluntary commitments

My days begin at 5:00, at the same time, as a result of a short sleep. With the help of my first of many coffees, I played myself in a cascade cascade of tasks that I was depressed about. In the course of the day, I would have changed my coffee for energy drinks. I would have started every one of these days, going to the university, sitting in my classes, working on graphic design and web design projects, and, in part, with my teachers. Then I would take part in a bus on a 5-hour bus, where I would have worked five to eight hours of work, and then one and a half hours on the bus to a bus/house where I could resume my freelishwork or some school work. In the mix, to earn some extra money, I also picked up shifts at the shop and in a healthy food store

The sequence sleep mode was not an option until my body decided otherwise. And this morning, November 10th, it was

And with a short span of time that I should have spared, I was involved in two volunteer opportunities, one voluntary counselling network and the other a workshop for priority areas. Unprotected, that I didn' t live to my parents when I became a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer, I made myself safe. The sequence sleep mode was not an option until my body decided otherwise. And this morning, November 10th, it was

I started this particular day at Sony Music Entertainment's offices, ready for a set of media for the group I was working in last night. I remember that I was sitting in my desk, spinning, feeling a strong tiredness of fatigue suddenly because of me. My eyesight is beginning to cloud, and the haze of orange-haired orange began to oxidate me

I felt nauseist and breathing at the same time. I stood up and felt that my legs were fasten

Having lost my sense of balance, I dislocated from the office and into the corridor in the direction of the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and barely recognized myself-the face I looked at me was as pale as a strange man, completely pale, the face of someone who had less than an hour of combined sleep in the last 72 hours

I had an extreme heating in my body, took off my shirt and put it on the bathroom floor. Time was around 9:00

I woke up for some time before the sound of the sound of the door in the bathroom. At first, the notes are not clear, and the notes become more urgent and more urgent. I made a slow phone call to find more than 50 messages and missed calls

" Hello! Open the door! " voice outside, screwy

I was sick of the pain. My joints were motionless because of the cold and the hard tile, and on the floor and the wet shirt, there was blood. It was an ugly and shameful scene. It took me a few seconds to register where I was and to come to terms with the fact that my own actions were not rude. I remember feeling unoriented and scared. I looked at the clock: it was until 10:00. I was cold for over 12 hours

The continuation of the cod continued

I opened the door into an infrowed squat

"I'm so sorry," I mumbled. I immediately went back to my desk, grabbed my things, and went straight home. The only other person in the office this time was another overkill, a overkill of a video editor who was so pumpable on his job, that he didn' t hear the door open and shut the door, and my heavy footsteps worked on my desk

I swore that no one knew what had happened. Not my boss. Not my family. Not my friends

I can't tell you exactly what happened to me that day. The truth is, I don't know. I described the episode to various doctors in the months spent writing this book, and the range of explanations from extreme dehydration to a silent heart attack. I was barely 23 at the moment. I was ashamed and scared of what happened

On the bus bus, oddly enough, I remember how I wanted to suppress this memory as long as possible. In my ammo, I promised that no one knew what had happened. Not my boss. Not my family. Not my friends

"If you want to do something, give it to Hamza," to make it a story. I was relieved that no one but the watchman (and possibly the video editor) saw me that night. For my boss, I was able to kill for an unlimited reason I disappeared during the day, and I kept my reputation as a difficult worker

Instead of telling him what happened or seeking medical attention, I dropped this episode as a hot dream and slipped back in the structure of the overkill that led me to this disintegration

I decided to remain ignorant about ruining my system that day, and I'm keeping a little bit of a systemic error for a few years to six years in December 2014, when the demon finally caught me again

Only this time I cannot ignore him or drive him into the depths of his memory. I had to stop running from it. I had to stop hiding from it. Once and for all, I had to face it. I started teaching my name

And soon after that

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Hamza Khan is the managing director of Student Life. Several awards-the winner and entrepreneer, as well as the author of The Burnout Gamble, are regularly invited to speak at events around the world. He is a session instructor at the University of Ryerson, training courses in digital marketing and social media. Through his writing, teaching and speech, Hamza enables people to transform ideas into action. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @HamzoK